Boru 7kW inset stove

The 7kW is a feisty one. It fits into your standard open fireplace. It has a massive output of 7kW. This inset is truely amazing. With its natural convection you can be sure your hard earned cash is not going up the chimney. 



  • Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn
  • Multi fuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
  • Clean and easy external riddling system
  • Fits into most standard fireplaces
  • Radiant heat and natural hot air convection
  • 81.5% efficient
  • Optional frames available extra wide, 4 sided or 3 sided
  • 7kw output
  • Made In Ireland

Additional Information

Weight - 75 kg

Dimensions - 420 x 400 x 550 mm

Flue - 5″

Central Air Intake available? - Yes

kW to the room? - 7kW

Boiler Model Available? - No

Efficiency - 82.4%