Boxer Black Wood Burning Stove

Fast and slow Boxer Black offers the best possible combination between fast and slow: the combustion chamber gets to operating temperature quick and the slow side stones keep their warmth extra long. Well up to 60°C after 8 hours.

Harrie Leenders Boxer Black Wood Burning Stove

Harrie Leenders Boxer Black Wood Burning Stove

30 years ago the story of the Boxer range started with the Boxer. Back then a stove with very sophisticated technique, developed by Harrie in cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven.

The Boxer was a quirky stove with a typical clientele, the 'Boxer customer'. This 'Boxer customer' was often very critical and had a great interest in combustion technology.





Details Boxer Black:
Sizes: 100cm high x 46 wide x 61 deep
Capacity range: 4-12 kWh
Fresh air connection: Ø10cm, from floor and wall
Efficiency: 80% Approx
Connection: Ø15cm, top and rear
Weight: 250kg
Colours: black 363, anthracite 361


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