Pharos Interior Hanging Fire

The Pharos Interior is a modern and naturally shaped fire. The fire is fixed to the ceiling and this makes for a spatial effect.

Harrie Leenders Pharos Interior Hanging Fire

This modern, organically shaped fire gives the fire a central place in the living room. The stove is more than just a functional source of heat, it is also a work of art adding value to any space.
Pharos Interior is marked by its spatial design. The stove can be suspended from the ceiling by an ingenious construction, and can be installed to be fully, partly or not rotatable as desired. 

Available in three colours

The outer casing is made of high-grade cast aluminium. The interior is made of thick sheet steel and has a refractory bottom of ceramic material. The small glass window in the door opening is slightly curved, accentuating the organic form of Pharos.
The fire is available in various colour combinations and can be made to measure for different ceiling heights.
The art of design. Smoothly rotating, thus affording all the space you need to enjoy its style, design and welcome warmth all around.
Design by Jos Muller

- Fixed, 2 x 60° or 360° rotation.
- Sparkscreen is part of the stove.
- Open fireplace.
- Delivered with ash cleaner and cold-grip.
- Available in three colour combinations ( Black / Anthracite, Brown / Black and Polished / Black )


NOMINAL OUTPUT: 9kW (Min 5kW Max 10kW)
GROSS EFFICIENCY: 36.9% (40.5% Nett) 
FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 128m3 (4610 FT3) Approx.
FLUE SIZE: 200mm
MATERIAL Aluminium

For ceiling height of 2300mm ( minimum ) to 3000mm. Special heights available to order.
740mm - Diameter
Weight - 100kg Approx ( appliance only )




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