Tass Wood Storage Bag


Tass Wood Storage Bag

from 24.50

Get rid of that boring wicker basket. Store your wood in this snazzy, sturdy bag, made from recycled plastic bottles and designed for ease of use.

The Tass is made from recycled PET bottles. This has the quality and characteristics of felt, but is more durable in production.

The handles are made of top quality leather and are will age beautifully. A hard plastic bottom ensures rigidity and protection, against moist soil, for example, when you go outside to collect wood.

The design of the Tass comes from Bart Leenders, in collaboration with leather specialist Ren Jacobs. Each Tass is handmade, craftsmanship down to the smallest detail.

Orange, Brown, Camel, Blue and Black are the colours in which the Tass is available.

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