Hera Wood Burning stove

The HERA which takes its name from a Greek goddess is a beautiful and functional new stove. It features an elegant rounded front and oblique sides which give it a relatively dainty footprint for such an imposing fire. The HERA’s tapering sides could make it an ideal choice for a corner install.



Standard equipment includes a new air-cooled handle which is set at a comfortable height and the door self-closes with a luxurious clunk. The firebox incorporates a shaking grate and a removable stainless steel ash pan. The stove is available with top or rear outlet.

The customer’s options are very varied. The HERA has four totally different looks to choose from as well as five different colours. Available with glass door for a purely contemporary look or steel door for an added classic feel, both types are also available either with log store or the alternative closable storage compartment. A contrasting stainless steel top is optional.

The options don’t stop there; a turntable can be fitted to allow rotation; 48kg of heat– storage stones can be accommodated inside and of course a direct external air supply kit is available.

Available with Glass door or Steel Framed Door in Black, Grey, White, Silver, Nickel and Mocha, with or without storage compartment door.



Measurement (W-D-H)

Stove outer measurements461 - 447 - 1373 mm

Firebox, interior measurements295 - 225 - 393 mm

Flue exit (diameter)Ø 150 mm

Distance from floor to centre of top exit992 mm


Nominel output

Min-max output2- 6 kwh

Area heated (at -4°F (-20°C))30- 90 m2




 Weight117 kg