Elegance - high-class design

Judepejsen Elegance Junior

Height:- 980 mm 
Width:- 520 mm 
Depth:- 350 mm 
Output:- 3-5 kW 
Weight:- 116 Kg 

Elegance has a diverse oval design with eye-catching details. 
The handle is integrated in a beautiful ribbon of stainless steel that conceals the DuplicAir® air control. The widest panoramic glass on the market offers an 180˚ view of the fire and is the perfect finish. Elegance is also available with an invisible rotary base, which can turn 360°.





Jydepejsen Elegance

Height:- 1160 mm 
Width:- 580 mm 
Depth:- 400 mm 
Output:- 4-8 kW 
Weight:- 144 Kg 

Jydepejsen Wall

Height:- 780 mm 
Width:- 520 mm 
Depth:- 350 mm 
Output:- 3-5 kW 
Weight:- 91 Kg 

Handle: Cold handle, Stainless
Door to wood comp: Standard
Smoke outlet: Top or rear
Fresh air inlet: Option
Cast iron stove collar: Yes
Cast iron bottom: Yes
Ash tray: Yes
Air supply: DuplicAir
Optional claddings: Steel complete
Accumulation stone: No
Rotating base: Option