Sigma/Sigma Duplex

Wide-screen insertion


Judepejsen Sigma

H560 x B830 x D450

KW: 4 - 8
M²: 40-140
Weight: 140 kg
Control: DuplicAir®

Sigma and Sigma Duplex are two new flush-mountings in a very stylish design. Both models enable fresh-air intake and optimal heat distribution. Both inserts have DuplicAir®, known from Jydepejsen’s detached stoves. The door is self-locking and has a long handle throughout the whole height of the door, and the design is contemporary in wide-screen format.







Jydepejsen Sigma Duplex

H910 x B1120 x D470

KW: 3 - 9
Weight: 143 kg
Control: DuplicAir®