Troja - pride of nature

Judepejsen Troja 46

217 x 55 x 55

This beautiful wood-burning stove is perfect for larger homes. The massive Finnish soapstone enables extremely efficient heat dissipation, and the soapstone covering is carefully adjusted to the insert. Nature’s own design decorates every single stove, and not two surfaces are alike. Troja has a convection grill on top that enables adjustment of the heat dissipation through the convection tube.





Jydepejsen Troja 45

182 x 55 x 55 

Jydepejsen Troja 44

146 x 55 x 55

Handle: Cold handle
Door to wood comp: No
Smoke outlet: Top or rear
Fresh air inlet: Yes
Cast iron stove collar: Yes
Cast iron bottom: Yes
Ash tray: Yes
Air supply: DuplicAir
Optional claddings: Soapstone
Accumulation stone: Option
Rotating base: No
RLU: Yes