Panorama - experience fire from several sides

Judepejsen Panorama 1500

Height:- 1510 mm 
Width:- 400 mm 
Depth:- 400 mm 
Output:- 4-9 kW 
Weight:- 178 Kg 

Panorama is a cubic wood-burning stove with large angled glass for a great view of the fire from several angles. The self-locking door of this model underlines the distinct design and adds a slim and elegant look to the stove. Of course, this model has the DuplicAir® sysrem that ensures easy operation and optimal combustion.





Jydepejsen Panorama 1200

Height:- 1210 mm 
Width:- 400 mm 
Depth:- 400 mm 
Output:- 4-9 kW 
Weight:- 151 Kg  


Handle: Cold handle, stainless
Door to wood comp: No
Smoke outlet: Top or rear
Fresh air inlet: Option
Cast iron stove collar: Yes
Cast iron bottom: Yes
Ash tray: Yes
Air supply: DuplicAir
Optional claddings: Steel complete
Accumulation stone: Option (Panorama 1500)
Rotating base: No