Judepejsen Cubic 166

H1670 x B470 x D430

Cubic is a minimalist and modern wood-burning stove, which perfectly fits modern homes with its distinct lines. Cubic is designed by Anders Nørgaard, who aimed to design a beautiful and functional wood-burning stove. The series includes various models that can be perfectly integrated into the interior design of the home. 

The models in the range each have their own very different look to suit a multitude of different interiors; from the discreet stove to the tall or the oblong stove, both of which can be freestanding or wall-mounted"

Other models in the range are:-

Cubic 109 and the Cubic 215





Jydepejsen Cubic W200

H760 x B2000 x D450 




Jydepejsen Cubic Wall

H690 x B470 x D440

Specifications 166
Handle: Stainless
Door to wood comp: Standard
Smoke outlet: Top or rear
Fresh air inlet: Option
Cast iron stove collar: Yes
Cast iron bottom: Yes
Ash tray: Yes
Air supply: DuplicAir
Optional claddings: Steel complete
Heats app.: 40 - 140 m2