Oris Wood Burning Stove

The suspended design of the Oris creates a feeling of spaciousness. Almost weightless.
But don’t be fooled.

Harrie Leenders Oris Wood Burning Stove

It is extremely robust, because Harrie Leenders have designed the three constructional parts to lint to each other.
Oris is available with the opening on the left or right. A large opening, providing good access to your fire.


Fuel Type - Wood

Minimum Output - 4 kW

Maximum Output - 12k W

Nett Efficiency - 75%

Gross Efficiency - 68.3%

Weight - 165 kg

Flue Outlet Size / Position - 150mm Top

Minimum Flue Height - 3 metres

Clearances - See installation manual

Tested to - EN 13240

Guarantee - 5 Years

Order Lead Times - 4 to 6 weeks

Handling - Palletised delivery


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