With an all-glass three-sided door, a Visio 3 in the middle of
your home is stunning yet discreet.
The glass door can be lowered and raised.


Rais Visio 3 Insert

Fireplace inset’s ext. dimensions 759-564-1537 mm
Combustion chamber’s int. dim. 533-333-466 mm
Finished face opening 685-490-432 mm
Outer Frame Dimensions 854-557-444 mm
Flue exit (diameter) 200 mm
Output (Nominal) 7 kW
Output (Min-max) 5-9 kW
Heat (at 20 degrees) 75-135 m2
E - To wall at side 300 mm
D - To wall at back 150 mm
H - To the ceiling 1285 mm
C - To the side 200 mm
G - To the floor 385 mm
B - In front of the floor 300 mm
A - To furniture 1200 mm






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Rais Visio 3 Insert

The sublimely elegant Visio is the closest you get to
an invisible stove since all you see is the fire! The
large solid glass doors offer a phenomenal, unobstructed
view of the fire – the epitome of quality of
life. A beautiful, warm central point in your home
that adds a strong element of exclusiveness.
When sitting by a Visio, you can leave the glass up.
With the open fireplace, you can really see and hear
the fire – a cosiness just to be enjoyed!