Pilar Wood Burning Stove 

The new Pilar is a super-streamlined contemporary stove. Featuring fully automated air control, a sleek and seamless cylindrical shape, stainless steel trim and a black oak disc for a handle, the Pilar is available in six different finishes including the UNIQ “rust” finish. There are two different heights. A stainless steel top plate is optional.

Rais Pilar

Rais Pilar

The Rais Pilar can be turned regardless of whether it is used with a top or rear exit. When using the rear exit, the flue collar can be turned from side to side and does not hinder the turntable function of the stove.

With it's clean lines, it's a sleek and simple circular fireplace with a large curved glass door. This stove is rotatable to either 70°, 160° or 360° or alternatively it can remain fixed. Available in two heights and with top or rear outlet.


Measurement (W-D-H) 
Stove outer measurements 1795/1525 mm
Diameter Ø 456 mm
Firebox, interior measurements 308 - 225 - 383 mm
Flue exit (diameter) Ø 150 mm
Distance from floor to centre of air-supply system connection 125 mm/ 
Distance from floor to centre of top exit 1213/1258 mm
Distance from floor to centre of rear exit 1115/1160 mm

Min-max output 3-6 kwh
Area heated (at -4°F (-20°C)) 45-90 m2
Efficiency 83% 
Particles 1,9g/kg

Distance to inflamable materials
To wall at side 350 mm
To wall at back 50 mm



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