Q-Bic Wood Burning Stove

A veritable piece of art, the RAIS Q-Bic is an exceptional woodburning stove. Its minimalist design makes it a sculptural delight and its extra glass pane enhances the atmospheric and clear view of the crackling fire.

Rais Q-Bic

Standard features of the Rais Q-Bic woodburning stove:

  • Steel construction and steel top plate
  • Stove available in Black or Grey
  • Air-system
  • Air-cooled handle
  • Wood storage compartment
  • Top flue
  • Double sided wood stove with a side window in addition to glass door
  • The Q-bic 127 model can be fixed without Air System

Optional features of the Rais Q-Bic woodburning stove:

  • Have a rotating woodburning stove in your living room - rotating plinths are available as an optional extra.

Rais Q-Bic

The RAIS Q-bic woodburner has an integrated turntable making this a versatile rotable stove. The RAIS air-supply system brings outside air directly into the firebox for optimal burning of fuel and you get a clear view of the fire through the double-sided glass panes. The base of the wood stove is designed to function as storage for firewood, and is available in two heights - 106 and 127.



NOMINAL OUTPUT: 4.5kW (Min2kW Max6kW)
GROSS EFFICIENCY: 68.3% (75.1% Nett) 
FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 60m3 (2160 FT3) Approx.
FLUE SIZE: 150mm
ORDERING LEAD TIMES: Stock or up to 4 weeks.


Height 1270 / 1060 mm
Width 404mm
Depth 404mm
Weight 154 / 144kg




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