Stovax Riva Studio 2 Freestanding

Stovax Riva Studio 2 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove

This Freestanding stove version of the Stovax Riva™ Studio 2 wood burning inset fire offers you up to 8kW of heating capacity as well as superb views of the flames. Featuring exactly the same firebox attributes as other Riva™ Studios, the Riva Studio 2 Freestanding wood burning stove may be mounted on a hearth or installed onto your choice of six optional Riva™ Freestanding Benches.

You can also specify options such as a black glass top plate, gloss black enamel flue pipe, and square section flue cover to
create your own bespoke look.

An optional heat shield kit can be fitted to the bench in order to reduce the distance to combustible materials if required.




Stovax Stoves Brochure

Stovax Riva Studio 2 Freestanding


High efficiency up to 80%

Wood burning

Boost setting for lighting and re-fueling

Removable steel and TCL baffles

TCL firebox lining

Radiant heat and convected heat

Optional warm air ducting system

Top flue connection Internal Ø - 153mm (6”)

Optional black glass top plate

Optional Decorative black flue ring cover

Decorative square section flue cover 15 x 1800 x 212mm (w x h x d )

Suitable for Smoke Control Areas*

Optional Heat Shield kit**

Stove bench compatible

Width Height Depth Weight Nominal Heat 
Output & RangeMaximum log length

1000mm 504mm 380mm 120kg8.0kW (2.8-11.kW) 400mm (16”)