Stovax Riva Studio Bench – Glass & Steel

Stovax Riva Studio Bench Steel Wood Burning Stove

The Stovax Riva™ Studio Bench Steel has the same contemporary styling as the Riva™ Studio Bench Glass. This wood burning fire can be brought out into the room resulting in a high impact focal point for any interior.

The Jet Black Metallic finish of the frame and the sturdy construction of the Riva™ Studio Freestanding bench, make a cutting edge design statement – ideal for larger lounging areas. Like other Riva Studio wood burning fires it is available in three sizes: Riva Studio 1, 2 and 3. The smaller Studio 1 fire offers up to 5kW heat output while the largest, Studio 3, will produce up to 11kW heat for larger rooms.




Stovax Stoves Brochure

Stovax Riva Studio Bench Glass


High efficiency up to 80%

Wood burning

Boost setting for lighting and re-fueling

Removable steel and TCL baffles

TCL firebox lining

Radiant heat and convected heat

External air facility

Optional fan-assisted convection system

Optional warm air ducting system

Optional black glass top plate

Optional decorative square section flue cover

Top flue connection Internal Ø - 153mm (6”)

Suitable for Smoke Control Areas*