Stovax Riva Studio Sorrento

Stovax Riva Studio Sorrento Wood Burning Stove

For those who wish to hearth mount a Stovax Riva™ Studio wood burning fire then the graceful Sorrento presents the perfect solution. Crafted from either elegant limestone or striking polished black granite, the addition of this surround offers a designer focal point around which to create your own individual decorative style.

Available for either the Riva™ Studio 500, Riva™ Studio 1 or Riva™ Studio 2, the solid stone Sorrento is the perfect enhancement to the already impressive Riva™ Studio wood burning inset fire, ensuring that your fireplace remains at the heart of your home – even when it isn’t burning!

The Riva™ Studio 500 Sorrento inset fire is available in Polished Black Granite only and has matching granite panels in either side of the fire that are recessed from the outer frame.



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Stovax Riva Studio Sorrento


High efficiency up to 80%

Wood burning

Boost setting for lighting and re-fueling

Removable steel and TCL baffles

TCL firebox lining

Radiant heat and convected heat

External air facility

Optional fan-assisted convection system

Optional warm air ducting system

Top flue connection Internal Ø - 153mm (6”)

Hearth mounted fire

Suitable for Smoke Control Areas*

Double-sided version available