The best of both worlds

The new Edil Kamin Pellet inset


Wood pellet stoves have developed over the last few years, they are now sleek free standing designs or glass fronted insets to match the style of most wood burners.

The beauty of wood pellet technology is that it offers the  convenience of a gas fire being ignited and operated automatically by a remote control but with a real flame effect of a fire.  

The wood pellets being burnt are made of 100% wood and are readily available as a low cost sustainable fuel,  the efficiency of a wood pellet stove is also higher than that of a wood burner with very little ash produced.

Wood pellet stoves can either be room heaters just like a wood burner, however there is also the option of ducting blown air to other locations within a home.

Back boiler versions have also become popular as the main source of heat to a central heating system as an alternative to oil and LPG - in this setup the propery could be elegible for the renewable heat incentive to offer the home owner subsidy contribution to the cost of the installation.

Here is a list of our currunt pellet stove suppliers, click the logo to find out more information.